Personal & Fun Stuff

Quentin on a boat

I love messing about in boats. This was near Cape Town in 2006.

I live in Cambridge, England, and am married to Rose Melikan, who teaches in the University.

Rose has a very different area of expertise from mine! She’s an academic historian/lawyer and a novelist. More information at

Our life is ruled by an English Cocker Spaniel named Tilly - you can see her here.

Webcams and Coffee Pots

A little afternoon project which ended up having quite a lasting effect on my life was the first webcam, the Trojan Room Coffee pot.  I still get asked to give talks about it, and for media and press interviews, but it also influenced my PhD topic and some of my later work.  You can find lots of information about it here.

Other fun stuff

I like doing silly things such as parachuting, bungee-jumping, scuba diving and horse-riding from time to time, but since I’ve been doing startup companies, other things have tended to fall by the wayside. That’s probably just as well, once one gets to my age, one is likely to be falling by the wayside oneself…

My favourite part of the world (so far) is the Lake District in the north-west of England. Here’s a picture of Rose and me on a walk around Kentmere.

I love photography. What I lack in talent I try to make up for in enthusiasm. You can find links to my photos here.

I was even once on a University Challenge Team, though my teammates deserve most of the credit for the result!

Some thoughts about it on my blog.

QSF on University Challenge

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